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Actual thing that I may or may not have said earlier today at the office:

"Well, first we must know what ‘Turn Up’ means. We see that according to Urban Dictionary, it means ‘getting loose or being wild.’ So, now that we accept a standard definition of ‘Turn Up,’ we must assume that there is an opposite, or, that one can also ‘Turn Down.’ But, that begs the question, ‘for what reason would we Turn Down?’, or, more succinctly, ‘Turn Down for What?’"

Words matter

I’m not one to dabble in the realm of celebrity gossip, or even “celebreality” as I think VH1 called it at one time, but it was with great interest that I read about the, well, change in relationship status of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

You see, their marriage is apparently over, but, they are not “divorcing,” they are, in Paltrow’s own words, consciously upcoupling.


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I sincerely hope and pray that this is not true.

I’m only marginally aware of World magazine, and I’m not at all familiar with “Channel 4,” so the “question everything” part of my journo-lizard-brain is throbbing.

But if it is true, well, we all know that the world is, on the whole, a pretty foul place. This would just turn it more toward “vile” and “disgusting.”

The audit report is silent on such dust-ups, but in a note about credit risk, it does signal how crucial it is to Elevation’s financial health for Furtick to stay in the pulpit and continue drawing an average of 14,000 worshipers every weekend.

'Contributions could be impacted, especially in the short-term, if the Church’s lead pastor were unable to perform his duties,' the report says.

Corbett called that ‘normal audit language from the CPA for a contemporary church with a founding pastor. Nothing noteworthy.’

While the above might be “normal audit language,” it is has always been my question about Elevation … well, actually several questions around the same subject (is it really the Church of Steven?):

Is there any sort of plan beyond Steven Furtick’s pastorate?

What would happen if he did need to take some sort of extended leave?

The biggest one: So much of Elevation’s image is centered around, well, image. It’s the loud rock music, the high-end videos and, yes, the super cool, flashy dressing pastor. What happens when Furtick can’t pull off “cool” anymore? He’s 34 years old, so, I think he’s getting closer to that point to jumping the shark from “being cool” to “trying to be cool.”

Anyway, if you want more — go read the Observer story where I obtained the above quote.

And the Oscar goes to …

It’s time for that time-honored tradition — my annual Oscar picks.

Once again, I managed to squeeze in all Best Picture nominees before the Sunday telecast.

There’s one thing that’s a little different this year in regards to the Oscars:

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Researching this morning’s commute earworm

"Prove Your Love" is a song recorded by dance-pop vocalist Taylor Dayne, released as the second single from her debut album in 1988. Like her previous single "Tell It to My Heart", it is a high-energy dance track with aggressive vocal delivery.

Wikipedia, emphasis mine.

As I’ve said before, Taylor Dayne is the female, Caucasian, 80s dance-pop version of Teddy Pendergrass. If Taylor thinks you’re not listening to her, she’ll holler at you.

"Prove your love …… PROVE YOUR LOVE!"