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Happy National Bosses Day!

Let’s go to the videotape

This is a pretty fun read — the “media boys” were invited to watch the first 15 minutes of practice film review with HBC and the team.

Of particular interest is this snippet:

"Connor McLaurin, you in here?," Spurrier asked, stopping the film. "You know where the middle of the field is? The middle of the field is in between these two hashes. I bet those media boys could even know what the middle of the field is. Y’all could figure that out couldn’t you? All we ask him to do is run to the middle of the field, and he runs over here to the left hash."

Spurrier points at the hash marks on the practice field with a red laser pointer, back and forth from left to right. McLaurin’s teammates give him grief through the exchange, but the Raleigh native accepts it in silence.

I get a little irritated when people who have never picked up a football outside of a tailgate talk to me about “watching film” on a recruit or even a game.

That quote? That’s watching film.

The other stuff is just watching football.

Never change, Steve
We need the boldest, hottest take possible, issued without apology, and without ANY kind of self-awareness.

From Deadspin, in response to quite possibly the hottest HOT SPORTS TAKE ever written — from the Denver Post:

Kiszla: LeBron can play but King Tim Duncan has a ring (or five) to it

I mean, I’m in awe of this thing. Seriously.

This conversation happened.

This conversation happened.

As a people we have lost the plot. Because we can document everything, we will, and we can’t stop. Every event is now a sea of people with their arms held up in a triangle, forming an illuminati symbol with our phones at the apex.

The Awl — Put your phone down

SRSLY, y’all.

Also, points for the illuminati reference.